200kg Scissor Lift

200kg scissor lift for sale

 200 kg scissor lift platform is a kind of vertical lifting equipment for transporting people or things. At present, the characteristics of free lifting platform have been widely used in municipal maintenance, cargo transportation of wharf and logistics center, building decoration, etc. It has installed automobile chassis, battery car chassis, etc. It can walk freely, and the working height space has also changed. 200 kg scissor lift it has the characteristics of light weight, self-walking, electric starting, self-supporting legs, simple operation, large working surface, and can cross obstacles to carry out high-altitude operations, such as 360 degrees. Free rotation advantage.

200kg battery scissor lift table supplier

200kg scissor lift table

Rated Loading Capacity:200kg

Max. Lifting Height:2m

Lift Drive / Actuation:

Electric Motor or manual

Type: Scissor Hydraulic Lift

Best price of Mechanical lift table scissor lift table 100kg

The Electric hand hydraulic lift table trolley has novel design, reasonable mechanism and convenient use. It is suitable for loading, unloading, handling and stacking of factories, workshops, warehouses and oil depots. 200kg scissor lift trolley is especially suitable for chemical industry, food workshop dumping or batching, and can be used for heavy objects. Loading and unloading cars, stacking, and hydraulic drum handling can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity. It can also be modified for loading and unloading and lifting heavy objects. 200kg scissor lift table is a new type of ideal multi-purpose. Take-off and landing machinery.

Product Description

Name Type Loading capacity Table size Height increase Net weight
  PT150A 150kg 700*450*35mm 210-720mm 40kg
Scissor lift table PT150B 150kg 700*450*35mm 302-1260mm 80kg
  PT300 300kg 815*500*50mm 280-900mm 76kg
  PT350 350kg 905*500*50mm 350-1300mm 106kg
  PT500A 500kg 815*500*50mm 280-900mm 82kg
  PT500B 500kg 905*500*50mm 350-1500mm 110kg
  PT800A 800kg 1000*510*55mm 415-1000mm 128kg
  PT800B 800kg 1200*610*58mm 450-1500mm 165kg
  PT1000A 1000kg 1000*510*55mm 415-1000mm 137kg
  PT1000B 1000kg 1200*610*80mm 500-1700mm 225kg
  PT1500 1500kg 1200*610*80mm 380-1000mm 200kg
  PT2000 2000kg 1200*610*80mm 380-1000mm 230kg

200kg mobile hydraulic scissor lift for sale

200kg mobile hydraulic scissor lift

Rated Loading Capacity:200/320kg

Max. Lifting Height:12 meter


Power supply: battery or diesel


200kg mobile hydraulic scissor lift can move at a slow speed during lifting or at a fast speed during folding. People can move flexibly when standing on the workbench and controlled by the control lever. The 200kg mobile hydraulic scissor lift has abrasive wheels and high-strength mesa. All accessories are made of Chinese first-class or internationally renowned brands.

200kg mobile hydraulic scissor lift handles
200kg mobile hydraulic scissor lift handles

200kg self-propelled lifting platform parameter table 

self propelled lifting platform drawings
terms 07series 08series 12series 14series
models GTJZ
0807DC 0808DC 1008DC 1012DC 1212DC 1412DC 1414DC 1614DC
capacity 230kg 380kg 230kg 450kg 320kg 320kg 450kg 200kg
Capacity-extension deck 113kg 113kg 113kg 113kg 113kg 113kg 113kg 113kg
Max occupancy 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Max working  7.80m 8.20m 10.10m 10.10m 12.00m 13.80m 13.50m 15.70m
Max platform  5.80m 6.20m 8.10m 8.10m 10.00m 11.80m 11.50m 13.70m
Length-C 1.86m 2.42m 2.42m 2.42m 2.42m 2.42m 2.79m 2.79m
Width-D 0.76m 0.83m 0.83m 1.17m 1.17m 1.17m 1.27m 1.27m
Height(railings  2.19m 2.24m 2.37m 2.36m 2.49m 2.62m 2.49m 2.62m
Height-E 1.85m 1.94m 2.07m 1.80m 1.93m 2.06m 1.93m 2.06m
(railing folded)
Platform size 1.67m× 2.27m× 2.27m× 2.27m× 2.27m× 2.27m× 2.64m× 2.64m×
(L×w-F) 0.74m 0.83m 0.83m 1.14m 1.14m 1.14m 1.14m 1.14 m
Extension deck  0.90m 0.90m 0.90m 0.90m 0.90m 0.90m 0.90m 0.90m
size -G
Ground  0.10m 0.10m 0.10m 0.10m 0.10m 0.10m 0.10m 0.10m
Ground  0.02m 0.02m 0.02m 0.02m 0.02m 0.02m 0.02m 0.02m
wheelbase 1.40m 1.87m 1.87m 1.87m 1.87m 1.87m 2.24m 2.24m
Min turning  0m 0m 0m 0m 0m 0m 0m 0m
Min turning  1.60m 2.25m 2.25m 2.23m 2.23m 2.23m 2.25m 2.25m
Driving motor 24V/1.5kw 24V/1.5kw 24V/1.5kw 24V/1.5kw 24V/1.5kw 24V/1.5kw 24V/1.5kw 24V/1.5kw
Lifting motor 24V/2.0kw 24V/3.3kw 24V/3.3kw 24V/3.3kw 24V/3.3kw 24V/4.5kw 24V/4.5kw 24V/4.5kw
Driving speed 4.0km/h 4.0km/h 4.0km/h 4.0km/h 4.0km/h 4.0km/h 4.0km/h 4.0km/h
Driving speed 0.8km/h 0.8km/h 0.8km/h 0.8km/h 0.8km/h 0.8km/h 0.8km/h 0.8km/h
Lifting/lowering 18/22sec 24/34sec 28/40sec 28/40sec 45/36sec 50/38sec 60/45sec 80/60sec
batter 4×6V/ 4×6V/ 4×6V/ 4×6V/ 4×6V/ 4×6V/ 4×12V/ 4×12V/
225Ah 225Ah 225Ah 225Ah 240Ah 260Ah 300Ah 300Ah
charger 24V/25A 24V/25A 24V/25A 24V/25A 24V/25A 24V/25A 24V/25A 24V/25A
Max  0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25
grade ability
Max tilt 3°/1.5° 3°/2° 3°/1.5° 3°/2° 3°/2° 3°/1.5° 3°/2° 3°/1.5°
tires Φ323× Φ381× Φ381× Φ381× Φ381× Φ381× Φ381× Φ381×
100mm 127mm 127mm 127mm 127mm 127mm 127mm 127mm
Weight 1260kg 2020kg 2140kg 2270kg 2520kg 3140kg 3060kg 3220kg

200kg scissor lift Product advantages

 Brand New DFLIFT Small 200KG Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table / Trolley

  1. Large working table of this lift table can offer enough space while working.
  2. Easy action foot operated hydraulic lift for raising lift table top to desired level.
  3. Hand operated table descent control, valuable use as a feeding on assembly line.
  4. Hot deal Hydraulic double scissor lift table design, this lift table can give user safety guard.
  5. Robust castors with safety wheel guard and brakes on the two swivel castors, make it more safe.
  6. This lift table is with option: chrome plated handle, painted handle, folding handle and silicone handle.

200kg scissor lift Table / Trolley sale price.

DFLIFT is the source factory of scissor lifts worldwide, we have the most advantageous price and quality of products, our products are exported to many countries in the world, we have many years of service experience, if you have any needs, please contact us.

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