500kg (1100 Lbs.) Scissor Lift

Our 500kg mobile scissor lift is made of high-strength steel, the best domestic hydraulic cylinder and pump, can use single-phase or three-phase power, can also use battery or diesel drive, using high-strength wear-resistant decorative plate as the lifting platform table, it is very wear-resistant. DFLIFT mobile scissor lift has passed ISO9001 international certification, we have a professional design team, and the annual output in China remains the first. Here you can get the best products at the least price.

500kg mobile scissor lift for sales

500kg mobile scissor lift

Rated Loading Capacity: 300kg 500kg 1 ton 2 ton

Lifting height: 3m 6m 8m 10m 12m 14m 16m 18m

Power: 2.2kw

Power source: single-phase three-phase ac / battery / diesel

Product Model for 500kg mobile scissor lift

 Model Platform size Lift capacity Height Overall size(mm) Self-weight(kg)
SJYZ06A 2260*810mm 380kg 6m 2475*810*2158 1850kg
SJYZ06 2260*1130mm 550kg 6m 2475*1150*2158 2060kg
SJYZ08A 2260*810mm 230kg 8m 2475*810*2286 1980kg
SJYZ08 2106*930mm 450kg 8m 2260*1130*1100 2190kg
SJYZ10 2260*1130 320kg 10m 2475*1150*1964 2430kg
SJYZ12 2260*1130 320kg 12m 2475*1150*2542 2960kg

500kg (1100lbs.) scissor lift manufacturer

500kg (1100lbs.) scissor lift is a widely used machine that can be found in factories and on streets. There is 500kg (1100lbs.) scissor lift trolley, 500kg (1100lbs.) aerial work scissor lift and 500kg stationary scissor lift. DFLIFT as a professional scissor lifting platform manufacturer in China, we have the most complete scissors lifting platform products and have the most customers. Our products are all over the world.

500kg (1100lbs.) scissor lift table trolley price

Lift and lower heavy cargo for smooth, easy loading and unloading
Suitable for transporting machinery and large tool chests and unloading trucks
Foot-pedal operate operates hydraulic tabletop
Handrail: It's easy to drop heavy loads
Hydraulic pump: Durable hydraulic pump ensures a long service life.
Overload protection valve, when the system oil pressure reaches a certain value of automatic pressure relief
Pedal: Easy action foot operated foot hydraulic pedal for raising the lift table to a desired height level

500kg 1100lbs. scissor lift table trolley

Rated Loading Capacity: 350kg 500kg 1000kg

Lifting Height: 0.72-1.7meter

Certification: CE ISO9001

Wheel type: nylon

Power: Manual/battery

Table Size: 500*800, 450*700-500*815 or as your design

500kg hydraulic lift table parameter

capacity lifting height scissor quantity wheel table size
150kg 0.72 1 nylon wheel 450*700
150kg 1.22 2 nylon wheel 450*700
300kg 0.9 1 nylon wheel 500*815
300kg 1.3 2 nylon wheel 500*815
350kg 1.3 2 nylon wheel 500*815
350kg 1.5 2 nylon wheel 500*815

500kg stationary scissor lift for sale:

500kg stationary scissor lift, the size of the lift table is moderate, which is mainly used for loading and unloading of goods between warehouse, workshop, automobile and container. stationary scissor lift can be customized according to the customer site environment or data provided, according to the rise can be divided into single scissor lift, double scissors lift, multi scissors lift and double straddle lift.

500kg stationary scissor lift

Rated Loading Capacity: 500KG 1100lbs.

Table Size: 1300x800

Lowered Height: 190mm

Max. Lifting Height: 500-2000m

Power source: electro-hydraulic

500kg stationary scissor lift specifications

Model   HIW50 HIW100 HIW200 HIW300
Capacity Kg/lb 500/1100 1000/2200 2000/4400 3000/6600
Lowered Height Mm/in 190/7.5 190/7.5 190/7.5 220/8.7
Raised Height Mm/in 1010/40 1010/40 1010/40 1020/40.2
Platform Size (LxB) Mm/in 1300x800     51.2x31.5
Lifting Time Sec 15 25 40 26
Lifting Speed Mm/s 55 40 22 30
Lowering Speed Mm/s 40 35 33 40
Motor Kw 0.75 0.75 0.75 1.5
Net Weight Kg/lb 160/352 220/484 280/616 320/704

Why choose DFLIFT 500kg scissor lift?

Heavy Duty Design
Meet EN norm and ANSI/ASME safety standards.
hese models can be used in above-floor or in-floor pit applications.

DFLIFT 500kg scissor lift standard Safety Features

Upper platform lifted with safety bar preventing descent on contact with obstructions .
Low-tension (24 v) control box with up-down buttons .
Internal power pack equipped with relief valve against overloading and compensated flow valve for controlled lowering speed.
Heavy duty cylinders with drainage system and check valve to stop the lift table lowering in case of hose burst.

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