300kg (660 Lbs.) Scissor Lift

300kg (660 lbs.) scissor lift for sale

Scissor lift 300kg (660 LBS) is the most common specification of lifting platform, mainly including 300kg mobile scissor lift table, 300kg aerial work scissor lift, and automatic scissor lift. DFHLIT is a professional scissor lift manufacturer from Henan, China; we have the best quality and best price. Welcome to consult.

300kg mobile scissor lift table price

300kg mobile scissor lift table, this kind of scissor lift is small, easy operated and convenient to use. It can be operated by stepping on the pedal and pressing the button to lower the platform's own weight, which is very easy to operate. 300kg mobile scissor lift table he can also increase the battery, by lifting up and down button control hydraulic pump to achieve the platform lift, mobile scissor lift table can be customized, can add guardrail, roller and hollow. It is the best equipment for handling in the workshop

Kindly confirm your load capacity, platform size and lift height and working area, we will recommend the best suitable one for you.

300kg mobile scissor lift table

Rated Loading Capacity: 300kg

Max. Lifting Height: 950/1600mm

Caster type: Pu

Power: manual hydraulic


Main specifications
 Model   PE-300-TA PE-300-TB
 capacity kg 300 300
 table size mm 1100 x 600 1100x 600
 raised height mm 950 1600
 lowered height mm 390 460
 caster size – rear / front mm 150 / 180 150 / 180
 battery power V/Ah 24 / 80 24 / 80
 lift motor kW 0.8 0.8
 net weight kg 170 196

300kg (660 lbs.) mobile scissor lift platform

300kg (660 lbs.) mobile electric scissor lift with AC DC power is mainly used to lift workers to high place for repairs, maintenance, cleaning or installation and so on. You can move it easily to the right working area. The Mobile Scissor Lift can be also equipped with battery. With the battery, you don't need to connect AC power, and you can let the mobile scissor lift at some work areas without power. Also, this type of mobile scissor lift can be installed with the driven wheel to move it by hands without any hardness.

300kg mobile scissor lift platform

Rated Loading Capacity: 300kg

Max. Lifting Height: 18m

Voltage: 110v 220v 240v 380v Optional

Power: electro-hydraulic

300kg (660 lbs.)Mobile electric scissor lift specifications

Model Capacity(kg) Max. Height(mm) Min. Height(mm) Platform size(mm) Lifting time(s) Motor power(kw) Weight(kg)
SJY0.5-3 500 3000 850 1300x700 16 0.75 400
SJY0.5-5 500 5000 950 1300x700 43 0.75 620
SJY0.3-6 300 6000 950 1850x880 49 0.75 650
SJY0.5-6 500 6000 950 1850x880 54 1.1 650
SJY0.3-7.5 300 7500 1250 1850x1000 65 1.5 900
SJY0.5-7.5 500 7500 1350 1800x1000 72 1.5 1100
SJY0.3-9 300 9000 1500 1850x1000 75 1.1 1200
SJY0.5-9 500 9000 1600 1800x1000 80 1.5 1260
SJY0.3-11 300 11000 1600 2100x1150 83 2.2 1320
SJY0.5-11 500 11000 1600 2100x1150 88 2.2 1380
SJY0.3-12 300 12000 1600 2450x1350 85 2.2 1700
SJY0.5-12 500 12000 1800 2450x1350 90 3 1850
SJY0.3-14 300 14000 1800 2450x1350 98 3 2200
SJY0.5-14 500 14000 1980 2450x1350 120 3 2500
SJY0.3-16 300 16000 1980 2500x1500 130 3 26

300kg (660 lbs.) automatic scissor lift price

300kg self-propelled lifting platform has the characteristics of transportation boundary and smooth operation. 300kg self-propelled scissor lift table can be telescopic, with a larger operating space, automatic pit protection system, widening the wheelbase design; in the uneven ground can also be free to move. Self-propelled lifting platform is widely used in municipal, garden, industrial, factory and other occasions. It is the most practical and extensive equipment for working at height.

300kg 660 lbs. self propelled scissor lift

Rated Loading Capacity: 320kg/450kg

Max. Lifting Height: 14m

Travel Speed: 0.8-3.2km/h

Power: 4x12(300)V/(Ah) electro-hydraulic

Product Model for 300kg (660 lbs.) self-propelled scissor lift

Model Platform size Lift capacity Height Overall size(mm) Self-weight(kg)
SJYZ06A 2260*810mm 380kg 6m 2475*810*2158 1850kg
SJYZ06 2260*1130mm 550kg 6m 2475*1150*2158 2060kg
SJYZ08A 2260*810mm 320kg 8m 2475*810*2286 1980kg
SJYZ08 2106*930mm 450kg 8m 2260*1130*1100 2190kg
SJYZ10 2260*1130 320kg 10m 2475*1150*1964 2430kg
SJYZ12 2260*1130 320kg 12m 2475*1150*2542 2960kg

300kg 660 lbs. self propelled scissor lift
300kg (660 lbs.) self-propelled scissor lift design advantage

Features of 300kg scissors aerial work platform:

High strength lifting mechanism

Use manganese steel rectangular tube

Lift overload: provides safety measures to prevent hydraulic pipe rupture

Protective valve: emergency descending device in case of power failure

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