Narrow Scissor Lift

Narrow scissor lift: it is mainly used in shopping malls or hotels because of its Narrow size. It can be used through Narrow aisles or doors and the upper handrail is removable, which is very convenient. It is usually used indoors. Turning and walking are driven by hydraulic or electric power. The entire control of Narrow scissor lift is completed by someone standing on the platform to operate the control bar. DFLIFT is a professional manufacturer of scissor lift. We are from China and our products are exported to ports of more than 200 countries in the world. You are welcome to visit us.

Narrow scissor lift manufacturer

Narrow scissor lift 1

Rated Loading Capacity: 300KG

Lift Drive / Actuation: Hydraulic

Battery: 2*12V/80Ah

Certification: CE ISO9001

Control Mode: Self-Propelled

Lifting Height: 3-14m

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Model Type Unit SPS3.0 SPS3.9
Max. Platform Height mm 3000 3900
Max. Working Height mm 5000 5900
Lift Rated Capacity kg 300 300
Ground Clearance mm 60
Platform Size mm 1170*600
Wheelbase mm 990
Min. turning radius mm 1200
Max. Drive peed(Platform Lifted) km/h 4
Max. Drive e Speed(Platform Lowered)   0.8
Lifting/falling speed sec 20/30
Max. Travel Grade % 10月15日
Drive motors V/Kw 2×24/0.3
Lifting motor V/Kw 24/0.8
Battery V/Ah 2×12/ 80
Charger V/A 24/15A
Max allowable working angle  
Overall Length mm 1180
Overall Width mm 760
Overall Height mm 1830 1930
Overall Net Weight kg 490 600

Narrow Scissor Lift design advantages

Narrow scissor lift design advantages

Advantages of DFLIFT narrow scissor lift:

The narrow width as narrow scissor lift, it can be rotated in the narrow space and walking, especially in the hotel or space where it can be easily through the narrow door or corridor, narrow scissor lift running noise is small, platform lift specially design is very strong and durable, is a modern hotel or the workshop clean glass, wall, replace the lamps and lanterns or overhaul maintenance equipment ideal aerial work platform.

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