1 Ton (1000kg) Scissor Lift Platform

Scissor lift is a wide range of lifting equipment. 1 ton(1000kg) scissor lift has the advantages of stable lifting, convenient use and space saving. It can be divided into fixed type, mobile type and scissor lift table according to different usage conditions. DFLIFT is the best scissor lift supplier in China. Here you can find the best price and the best quality of products.

Stationary Scissor lift 1 ton

Stationary hydraulic Scissor lift 1 ton

Rated lifting weight: 100 kg-30 ton

Lifting height: 500 mm (0.5 m)-8000 mm (8 m)

Table size: customizable

Power supply: 110~550V three-phase

The 1 ton fixed scissor lift platform is mainly used to transport goods between the height differences of production line. Material on-line and off-line; 1 ton (1000kg) Stationary Scissor lift can adjust the height of work piece during assembly. High feeder feeding; Lifting of components during assembly of large equipment; Large machine tool feeding and discharging; Storage and handling places and forklifts and other vehicles supporting the rapid loading and unloading of goods.

Product Advantage for 1 ton Fixed Scissor Lift

1. Heavy duty, from 100kg to 50tons;
2. Travel height accurate to mm;
3. Platform size customized, accurate to mm; special shape or design acceptable
4. Full safety devices ensure lift is stable and durable, safety to operate;
5. Easy for control, handhold controller or remote controller available;
6. 125% overload test guarantee;
7. Pit installation or super low profile design suit for different situations;
8. CE certified
9. Load, platform size, travel height customized, 230v/380V/415V/.....available

1ton stationary scissor lift parameter table

Model Lift height/m Lift capacity/kg Platform size/mm
SJG2.5-3 3 2500 5200*2600
SJG2-6.5 6.5 2000 5200*2800
SJG2.5-3.5 3.5 2500 5200*2600
SJG2.5-5 5 2500 5600*3000
SJG3-2.5 2.5 3000 5000*2300
SJG3-3.5 3.5 3000 5600*2700
SJG5-10 10 5000 4500*2500
SJG8-2.5 8 2500 6500*4500
SJG12-3 12 3000 5500*2800
SJG15-4.5 15 4500 8000*2200
SJG20-5 20 5000 6000*3000
The hydraulic scissor car lift can be customized as your detailed size

Movable electric hydraulic 1 ton scissor lift 1000kg

Movable electric hydraulic 1 ton scissor lift 1000kg

Rated Loading Capacity:1ton

Max. Lifting Height: 6m

Voltage: 220V/380V/battery/Fuel oil machine

Customizable area: Power/height/load/work station/color

1 ton movable scissor lift applicable place: site, workshop, warehouse, station, hotel, airport, wharf, gas station, stadium, elevated pipeline and other high-altitude equipment installation, maintenance and cleaning, can also be used for lifting equipment maintenance, field electric equipment maintenance, steel structure plant maintenance

At the time of manpower maintenance equipment, it is possible to carry some spare parts, and one person can easily complete the aerial work through the scissor lifting platform. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and one can easily pull it to move the position. It can be matched with single-phase or three-phase power. Battery or diesel can also be used in outdoor or power supply shortages.

Movable scissor lift Product Size
Best Quality Scissor Aerial Work Platform One Man Lift Elevator Manual Mobile Scissor Lift

Model Platform Dimension Load Lifting height Overall dimensions Overall weight
(mm) (Kg) (m) (mm) (Kg)
QYCY0.5-6 2100*830 500 6 2250*950*1200 880
QYCY0.5-7 2100*830 500 7 2250*950*1280 970
QYCY0.5-8 2100*930 500 8 2250*1060*1380 1050
QYCY0.5-9 2100*930 500 9 2250*1060*1500 1165
QYCY0.5-10 2100*1230 500 10 2250*1350*1530 1360
QYCY0.5-11 2100*1230 500 11 2250*1350*1650 1400
QYCY0.5-12 2550*1530 500 12 2796*1670*1750 2260
QYCY0.5-14 2812*1530 500 14 3067*1730*1810 2486
QYCY0.5-20 3500*1800 500 20 4000*2300*2400 5500
QYCY0.3-16 2812*1600 300 16 3067*1810*2080 3063
QYCY0.3-18 3070*1600 300 18 3321*1810*2080 3900
QYCY1.0-4 2100*1200 1000 4 2250*1350*1180 1250
QYCY1.0-6 2100*1200 1000 6 2250*1350*1300 1400
QYCY1.0-8 2100*1200 1000 8 2250*1350*1420 1585
QYCY1.0-10 2100*1200 1000 10 2250*1350*1530 1700
QYCY1.0-12 2550*1530 1000 12 2796*1670*1750 2560
QYCY1.0-14 2812*1600 1000 14 3067*1810*1900 3230
QYCY1.5-6 2100*1530 1500 6 2250*1750*1530 1780
QYCY1.5-8 2100*1530 1500 8 2250*1750*1690 2070
QYCY1.5-10 2100*1530 1500 10 2250*1750*1850 2250
QYCY1.5-12 2550*1530 1500 12 2796*1762*1850 2900
QYCY1.5-14 2816*1600 1500 14 3045*1852*1960 3400
QYCY2.0-6 2100*1530 2000 6 2250*1750*1530 1780
QYCY2.0-8 2100*1530 2000 8 2250*1750*1690 2070
QYCY2.0-10 2100*1530 2000 10 2250*1750*1850 2250
QYCY2.0-12 2550*1600 2000 12 2796*1852*1954 3200
QYCY2.0-14 2816*1600 2000 14 3067*1852*2230 3900

Manual Portable Scissor Lift Table Scissor Lift Table 1 ton

Manual Portable Scissor Lift Table Scissor Lift Table 1 ton 2

Rated Loading Capacity:100kg-2000kg

Max. Lifting Height:3m

Power Source: Hydraulic AC pump/DF pump electro-hydraulic Manual lifting

Min. Lifting Height: 415mm

The Scissor Lift Table 1 ton a small lifting machine that is mainly used for small-scale lifting, item extraction and placement, and also for carrying small valuables. The appearance of the product is beautiful, the structure is firm, stable, safe and reliable, and the intrinsic performance and service life have reached the advanced level of the same equipment. At present, the mainstream of the market is hydraulically driven lifting. Scissor Lift Table 1 ton due to its compact size, mobile transportation is widely used in logistics, warehouse management, libraries, supermarkets, and general small equipment manufacturing.

Table of parameters of 1-ton hand platform vehicle

Item/Model SLC1000
Rated load  1000kg
The maximum height  1000mm
Minimum height  430mm
Lifting height  670mm
Table size  1000x512x55mm
Handle the height from the ground  1010mm
On foot to lift the heavy weight of the times ≤40
Wheel diameter  150mm
Single pack size 1130x610x460mm
Gross weight 132kg

DFLIFT Service

Rich experience:
We have more than 20 years' experience in scissor lift. That means, we can preview the problems for the orders and products. Therefore, it will make sure to reduce the risk of bad situation to happen.

24hours online service
In DFLIFT lifting there is one sale representative who will serve you from inquiry to products shipped out. During the process, you just need to discuss with her for all Problems and the way saves much time.

Strict QC
For each 1 ton scissor lift, strict inspection will be carried out by the QC department before shipping. The bad quality will be avoided within door

After sales service
We supply the quality warranty for two years. If scissor lift has any of quality problems, we will send new one free. We have after sales technique team; can communicate online by face time video one time.

FAQ 1 ton Fixed Scissor Lift

1, Q: For scissor lift what are the trade terms we can be accepted?
A: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF. We will send scissor lift to the nearest port in your country.
2, Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 3-5 days if the goods are in stock. Or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock. lt is according to the quantity.
3, Q: What are your 1 ton scissor lift payment terms?
A: We accept the payment sent by West Union, D/P, D/A,T/T or L/C at sight.

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