mobile scissor lift

Date: 2020-10-22

With the popularity of mobile Sor Lift, I think everyone is familiar with the mobile sor Lift. It is a kind of high-altitude working equipment, can provide convenience for our high-altitude working, but xiaobian is the correct maintenance method of the lift, any machine needs maintenance, in order to extend its service life.

Mobile hydraulic scissor lift for sale

While maintaining the machine, personnel enter the interior of the lift, which should be suspended to prevent sudden fall of the lifting platform and cause casualties.  

Correct maintenance of mobile Scissor Lift

1. Check roller, intermediate shaft and bearing; Cylinder pins and bearings; Lubrication degree and wear of arm hinge and bearing;

2. Fill the above parts with lubricating oil. Extend bearing life.  

3. Check the hydraulic oil quality and oil level. When the lifting platform rises to a high position, the hydraulic oil level should be 40-50 mm higher than the bottom of the oil tank.

When the color of the hydraulic oil darkens, the oil is viscous, or if there is foreign matter such as gravel in the oil, the hydraulic oil should be replaced promptly. The Mobile Scissor Lift hydraulic system USES 32 # hydraulic oil.  

Mobile Scissor Lift is a lifting device that transports a person or object vertically. It also refers to vertical conveyors in logistics systems, such as factories and automated warehouses. The Mobile Scissor Lift is usually equipped with a variety of flat conveyor devices that serve as connecting devices for conveyor lines of different heights. It is usually hydraulically driven, hence the name hydraulic Mobile Scissor lift. In addition to being transported at different altitudes, it is widely used for aerial installation and maintenance operations. The features of mobile Scissor Lift have been widely used in municipal maintenance, cargo transportation in docks and logistics centers, architectural decoration, etc. Car chassis, battery chassis can walk freely, working height space has also changed, light weight, self-propelled. Electric start, self-supporting legs, simple operation, large working face, able to carry out 360 degrees of free rotation, such as flying over obstacles.

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