Safe operation of mobile scissor lifting platform

Date: 2019-08-03

Nowadays, with the development of economy, a lot of tall buildings are going up, so there are high-altitude working platforms. Mobile scissor lift appears in people's life and work as an ordinary tool. Market demand increases, thus there are many large and small manufacturers, so how should we safely use mobile hydraulic lifting platform?

mobile scissor lift 1 1

Rated load: 300kg 500kg 1000kg 2000kg

Lifting height3m 6m 8m 10m 12m 14m 16m 18m 20m

Walking mode: hand pull or assist walking

Power supply: ac, battery, diesel, manual


Electric Hydraulic

1, before the work to carefully check the mobile scissor lift platform parts, focus on checking whether the screw connection is reliable, hydraulic pipeline components have no leakage, whether the wire contact loose, damaged and other conditions.

2, mobile scissor lift platform before mobile scissor lift, put the four corners of the legs, the four legs should be firmly supported on the solid ground, the work table to the horizontal state (visual inspection can). When the power is on, the indicator light should be on. Then start the motor and the oil pump to work. Lift and lift once or twice under no load. Check the normal operation of all parts before starting to work. When the temperature is lower than 10℃, the oil pump should be operated for 3-5 minutes and can only be carried out after confirming that the oil pump works normally.3. After entering the platform, the operator should close the guardrail door, plug in the bolt and tie the safety rope. The center of load (where the person stands) should be in the center of the workbench as far as possible.

3, Mobile scissor lift and lowering: press the "mobile scissor lift" button to start the motor, rotate the motor, work the hydraulic system, extend the oil cylinder, and lift the platform; When the platform reaches the required height, press the "stop" button of the motor to stop the mobile scissor lift and mobile scissor lift of the platform, and then the platform can operate. If the "stop" button is not pressed, the stroke switch will work when the platform rises to the calibration height, and the platform will stop at the calibration height. When the work is finished, press the "drop" button, and the solenoid valve will act. At this time, the oil cylinder will return to the oil and the platform will drop by its dead weight.

4, It is strictly prohibited to overload the hydraulic platform during use, and the operation personnel on the platform shall not move during mobile scissor lift and descending.

6. When moving or towing the hydraulic platform, the supporting legs shall be folded up and the platform shall be reduced to the lowest position. It is strictly forbidden for operators to move the platform when the platform is in a high position.

7. When the platform fails to work normally, the power should be cut off for maintenance in time. It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment with disease.

8. Do not use the high-altitude platform when the ground is unstable; Don't lift the platform under the condition that the platform is not stable, the extended legs are not properly adjusted, leveled, and the landing is not firm.

9. Do not adjust or fold up the extended legs when there is someone on the mobile scissor lift platform or when it is rising.

10. Do not move the machine when the platform is raised. If you need to move, please first condense the platform and loosen the expense legs.

Compared with the traditional scaffold work is safer and more efficient, the aerial work vehicle market is now in short supply, in the future development, may gradually replace the scaffold, but we must clearly understand its safe operation, to avoid accidents