The importance of hydraulic scissor Lift product quality

Date: 2020-12-19

Hydraulic SCissor Lift Environmental requirements for normal use: it is strictly prohibited to use when the wind force is greater than 3. Ambient temperature 5~45 degrees. The ground is firm, not soft, and may collapse. Don't use the weather in the open. Life is a one-way journey, which Hydraulic scissor lift is a multi-functional lifting and unloading machine, working height from 1 meter to 30 meters. Special specifications can also be customized according to user requirements.

Hydraulic SCissor lift is widely used in factory, automatic warehouse, parking lot, municipal, port, electric power, transportation, construction, decoration, logistics, petroleum, chemical, hotel, gymnasium and other industrial, mining, aerial work and maintenance enterprises.

Please follow the safety protection measures of Hydraulic electric lifting platform. Know the safety problems of Hydraulic scissor lift. Non-professional maintenance personnel in the maintenance is not allowed to operate, in all installation, assembly and maintenance, remove the electric lifting platform hydraulic pump station and other components, must not have any internal pressure (pressure value is zero), should not have any load device.

Before the maintenance of the hydraulic pump station, the electric motor and all other electrical equipment must be cut off in advance. All connections and power cuts should be operated by professional technicians.

In the hydraulic pump station driven by hydraulic pressure, such as pneumatic, hydraulic or mechanical, etc., repair, disassembly, cut off all the power supply, to ensure that the hydraulic station no power supply.

Hydraulic scissor lift has bad effects on human health. Direct contact with the skin and eyes can be hazardous.

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